Urban Outfitters Anonymous


urban peach pants

olive green shortsBoth entire outfits: Urban Outfitters (jeans, both tank tops, necklace, shorts)

I am truly addicted to Urban Outfitters, you guys. I may need help. My roommate is at the point where she has to talk me out of going there… because if I do, I will spend money no matter WHAT. It’s absurd. When I lived in Michigan, I was addicted to browsing their website, but I didn’t order things very often because I couldn’t try them on. Now that I live in LA they are everywhere, including right down the street from me. This is dangerous…very very dangerous.

These are a couple of my favorite every day summery type items from there. Soon I will post a few dressier blouses and well… yeah, I’ll be posting a lot of outfits from there.

I love the peach cropped skinny jeans as well as the olive green hemmed shorts. I love love love colored jeans. I have almost every color of jeans you can think of. They are a great way to spruce up an otherwise simple outfit. I can just wear a white v-neck but with bright green skinny jeans and it’s far more head-turning than if they were just regular jeans. I do get a lot of compliments on these peach ones too.

I paired the peach jeans with a colorful striped tank which also has some of that same peach color in it. This tank is so comfy too! I also added a long gold necklace which looks like a sharks tooth or something, I just think it’s very simple and edgy at the same time.

The shorts I paired with a white tank with a green aztec inspired pattern. This tank is very flowy and light and has a very cute open back, which I can never get enough of in my tops.

I feel like Urban designed their clothes just for me. I love almost everything in there. My closet could be mistaken for an Urban Outfitters store. Do you get the point yet? I LOVE URBAN OUTFITTERS. Ok I’m starting to feel withdrawals, do you think they’re still open at 11:00pm? I’m gonna go check, byye!!!!

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Melie Bianco- new favorite handbag

melie bianco bagMelie Bianco handbag– http://www.meliebianco.com/

I recently purchased this Melie Bianco handbag for a fraction of it’s worth at Burlington Coat Factory. Gotta love Burlington Coat Factory! The only problem is that the one I got didn’t have the lock and key hanging from it like you see in the picture. I imagine some antsy kid in the store waiting hours for their mom to choose a handbag decided to take them off and hide them in the hosiery section.

I guess that’s what you’re risking by shopping at Burlington Coat Factory and getting things for shockingly lower prices. I still absolutely love it though. I was in the market for a gray purse. I have handbags in beige, camel, black and tan already, gray was the only neutral I was missing! It matches with everything. I’m sure you will see it featured in many outfits to come.

The same bag is being sold right now on their website in some really great summer colors. This website has so many other amazing purses too and even at full price, they’re still quite reasonable, none exceeding $200 or so.

Anyways… I decided to write this hopeful letter to the websites customer service requesting the lock and key decor for the bag, only to get a letter back stating they cannot do this for me since I didn’t purchase it through them directly. Pff..after all my bribing, begging and flattery…I thought I may have had a chance. Oh well. It was worth a try (YOLO!) Still love their purses!

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Letter I wrote to Melie Bianco… this is me attempting to be persuasive:

Hi there! 

So this is a shot in the dark, but here’s my story: 

I purchased a Melie Bianco bag at Burlington Coat Factory in Burbank, CA. I had never heard of the brand before, but I fell in love with the bag the moment I saw it (and of course the fact that it was $100 but I was getting it for $40 at Burlington). But I am so obsessed with it that I decided to research the brand and naturally came to your website. I plan to purchase several more bags from the website directly, at full retail price, because there are so many great ones that I probably won’t find at a place like Burlington Coat Factory, not to mention I want to fully support this wonderful brand. 

As I’m browsing your handbags online, I came across the bag that I purchased at Burlington Coat Factory. It is the Elizabeth ML1018 (except mine is in the “bone” color). I then noticed to my dismay that the one I have from Burlington had the adorable lock and key taken off of it! I feel this touch really adds to the character of the bag and now I’m so disappointed that mine doesn’t have it. What are the chances you guys would be able send me the lock and key in the bone color so I can add them to my bag? I would be willing to pay however much you think is fair for these essential accessories. 

I know this is probably such a strange request but I figure it’s absolutely worth a try! Thank you SO much for taking the time to hear me out and please let me know one way or the other as soon as you’re able to respond. If you were able to do this for me I would be thrilled and be even more in love with Melie Bianco than I already am! Also, either way, I’ll be sure to introduce you guys to all of my purse loving friends, because I don’t think enough people are aware of these amazing handbags!

Thanks again and I look forward to hearing back from a member of the Melie Bianco team. 

Future Melie Bianco handbag addict, 

Hayley Arkovitz

Perrywinkle and sparkle gel nails!

perrywinkle nailsI’ve been so obsessed with gel lately. It lasts without a flaw for 2 whole weeks. I go to Stella Making Beauty in Burbank, CA and they have so many amazing colors to choose from. This is Gelish brand, unsure of the exact colors. I always feel more polished (no pun intended) with a bright colorful manicure that feels fresh for weeks!

American Eagle…who knew!?


Top: American Eagle, Shorts: Urban Outfitters, Purse: J. Crew, Necklace: J. Crew

So when I think of American Eagle for some reason I imagine graphic t’s and hoodies that say “American Eagle” in big cursive letters across the front. But–during one of my shopaholic binges I decided to go in there due to an absurd amount of signage announcing 40-50% off everything in the store. It was one of those days where I was feeling kind of blah and I knew if I bought a cute new outfit I’d feel much better.

Before deciding to go into American Eagle, I wasn’t really finding anything I was in love with nor do I have endless money to spend, but I was just so desperate to leave the mall feeling excited! To me that means not leaving empty handed. Empty wallet…eh I’ll survive…but no new piece of clothing…I’ll just still feel blah and like I wasted a bunch of time at the mall. In the words of Carrie Bradshaw in Sex in the City… “I like my money right where I can see it, hanging in my closet.”

SO– I actually found some really cute things in there and I think my mind has opened back up to American Eagle since middle school. I purchased 3 items (a top, shorts and a bracelet) all for only $40! It was almost a too-good-to-be-true sale. It wasn’t just on all the things that are picked over and out of season, but actually on front-of-the-store, newer and in season items.

I got this awesome neon yellow/green casual peplum t-shirt–it’s got the sporty mesh vibe as well. I wore it to my boyfriend’s family barbecue with jean shorts, a royal blue J. Crew bubble necklace and matching cross-body purse (also J. Crew). A pattern you will notice is that I will definitely buy a lot of trendy clothes from cheaper stores but when it comes to accessories (especially purses) and staple items (like jackets) I will splurge. The reason for this is, these things won’t go out of style as quickly, you wear them more often and they should be quality to last you longer.

Anywho… I thought this was the perfect summery/casual yet eye catching and stylish outfit for a barbecue. I also love the neon and royal blue color blocking. I’ll post a pic soon of the shorts I got at AE too, they are also amazing and colorful. 🙂

Stay in vogue!