Sparkling Champagne

champagne sparkle nails

Decided to go with the trend of the really rounded oval shaped nails rather than square. I actually love it. It feels much more elegant. It also helps elongate your fingers and hands and makes your nails seem longer. Another plus is that the gel lasts longer when your nails are rounded because the blunt edges of the square shape makes it easier to chip.

This is Gelish brand, it’s a tan/champagne color with sparkles painted on top. I think it’s young and fun yet subtle and classy!

Don’t be afraid of mustard

mustard nails

Got inspiration from a pin I saw on pinterest of these bright mustard yellow nails that was captioned “don’t be afraid, go with a brighter color”. So I listened. Even though I get bright colors on my nails a lot, this color is the most unique I’ve done. It’s definitely growing on me. I think it’s such a cool color and looks great against a lot more colors than you might think.





Gel manicure- Gelish brand

The Powers of Target

high-low-dress-targetNEW¬†¬†Some girlfriends and I were running errands together and I just had to “run into Target real quick” (as if that’s even possible!!) to return something. We all went our separate ways, rendezvoused 5 minutes later all holding at least 5 clothing items in our hands. What was meant to be a quick stop turned into all of us in the dressing room for an hour. That’s what Target will do to you. It’s a magical and evil place.

I proudly only left having bought 2 items. Great finds though! I ventured into the picked over, unorganized clearance section which one must have great patience and persistence to sift through to find anything good (which I never do), but the heavens shined upon me and brought me right to this first dress pictured.

It’s a high-low, strapless dress with an adorable black and white pattern and royal blue accents at the top. Love those colors together! I’ve gotten many compliments on it already. Here’s the best part, it was only 14 bucks! (It also comes with straps separately for those of you blessed with a chest that requires mchevron-a-line-targetNEWore support).

Then unfortunately not in the clearance section (but still only 24 bucks!) I found this cotton stretch chevron a-line dress. I have several other dresses of this shape and material because I find them comfy yet dressy and flattering but what made me decide I had to get this one was the unique cut out at the neckline. So cute!

Next time I have to run into Target real quick I will make a beeline to the section I need to go to and look. straight. ahead. If you even glance towards the clothes section, well there’s no telling when you’ll get back home.

Stay in vogue!