Ashley’s Birthday Dress

ashleys dressIntroducing Ashley! She is the face and genius behind the whole design of my blog (also the photographer behind my “about me” pics!). When she invited me to go to dinner with a bunch of people for her birthday, I knew it was the perfect occasion to get dolled up and take pics for my blog. I was more excited though for what the birthday girl would have in store.

She mentioned how excited she was about the dress she purchased on (awesome website by the way!). Like a true fashionista, she arrived fashionably (no pun intended) late to her own party looking MARVELOUS. This dress is one of a kind and looked so great on her. Everyone was obsessed. My first thought was that I had to put pics of it on my blog. It inspired me to start this “Looks I Love” category to feature the looks of my friends that I envy, admire and am inspired by. Check out the review Ashley wrote about the dress to see for yourself just how she feels about this lovely piece.



Fave color block maxi skirt


maxi skirt no jacket

maxi skirt with jacket

I bought this adorable color block maxi skirt at some boutique shop on Ventura blvd. I wish I remembered the name of the store but I sadly do not.

I bought it when I first moved out here about a year ago and haven’t worn it until 2 nights ago! I have no idea why because i just love it. It’s got a short skirt attached underneath and the top layer is sheer. I love the nude and mint color blocking.

It took me a while to decide what kind of top to wear with this skirt. The skirt definitely needs to be the main focus of the outfit so I just kept the rest really simple and opted for a cream colored tank top. I also paired it with a cropped jean jacket for later in the night when it cooled down. I think it added an edgy casual flair to the feminine piece. The jacket, necklace and purse are all from Urban Outfitters.

Stay in vogue!











My dress… a love story.

meeeeIt took me 4 months to finally come to this dress. I was on the lookout for a dress for my friends wedding in July and I actually bought 2 different dresses thinking they were going to be the ones. I now still have them hanging in my closet waiting to be worn, but I’m sure I’ll find use for them because all of my friends are engaged 😉 .

I thought I was done dress shopping but something still kept nagging at me that there was something better out there for me (am I talking about a dress as if it’s my future husband? yes, yes I am). My instinct was right because when I wasn’t even looking, I stumbled across this dress at……you guessed it, Urban Outfitters. I saw it across the room and was instantly drawn to it. When I touched it’s stretchy yet flowy fabric and eyed it’s A-line shape, I knew, it was the one for me. When I tried it on it was further confirmed that this would be the dress I would wear to my friends wedding.

I got so many compliments from friends and complete strangers at this wedding on my dress. It’s so unique and eye catching. The cut outs, the colors, the shape…it’s just amaze-balls. Yeah I said it.

Moral of the story– don’t ever settle for a dress to wear to your friends wedding. You may not be the bride, but if you ever want to be… you better look good enough to catch the cutest groomsman’s eye.

Stay in vogue!