It’s a Miracurl!!!

miracurlmiracurlselfieHands down best hair styling tool I could ever imagine having the privilege of owning. The Miracurl! Check out my pics for the results of this tool. I have never been able to curl my hair…or do anything with my hair for that matter, besides maybe blow dry and straighten it. I’ve always wanted to be able to have an every day lose curl, but even for special occasions I’d have to find someone who can do it for me. Lame, I know. I’ve just never been good at hair.

BUT then I discovered this amazing tool. It’s not cheap unfortunately, but my roommate works for a beauty products distributor and got it for me for a little less. Even at full price though, I think it is definitely worth it. It should hopefully last a long time.  It also saves you a HELL of a lot of time getting ready.

miarcurljusthairpicYou just place small sections of your hair at a time into the opening, close it shut, it will beep when it’s done and then let go and release the hair, and you have a perfect curl. You can select different settings like how hot, how many seconds it heats each curl, AND you can tell it to spin left, right or alternate! Not only that, but it will beep at you if you put too much hair in it, so it will never get caught. Even if the hair you put in does seem like it might get caught for a second, not to worry, the Miracurl detects this and will immediately smooth it out for you.  It’s never pulled out any of my hair.

It also heats up extremely quickly and the whole process literally takes 5 minutes. In these pics, I was in a huge rush before going out and I just used the Miracurl really quick before leaving, sprayed in some hairspray and voila!!

Now… here is the best part, the nano titanium curl chamber smooths out your hair and protects it from being damaged from the heat. Also the fact that it only takes 10 seconds max to form a perfect curl helps avoid it being exposed to the heat for too long. It’s pretty amazing. I am in love.

toshpicI kept joking (not really joking) to my roommate that this Miracurl is going to change my life. It’s a MIRACURL!!!

Ok definitely sounds like I was paid to sell this product, but I was not. I just want to share this amazing beauty secret with you all!



In the spirit of Halloween nails

halloween nailsThis week I wanted to have my nails done in the spirit of Halloween. I wanted to keep it subtle yet festive at the same time. Something that is Halloween-esque but still ok for every day. I decided on black sparkly nails and bright orange toes! I went to my absolute favorite place in Burbank, Stella Making Beauty (I still need to write them a rave Yelp review). It’s Gelish brand polish. My nails last 2 weeks and the toes last a month!


U.O Pro

blue high low dressIf you ever see a really beautiful dress at Urban Outfitters but it’s out of your budget, don’t fret. In my experience, every single formal type dress I have purchased at Urban Outfitter’s has gone on Sale a few months later for half the price.  Always wait! I never do and whenever I go there, I see all my dresses on the sale rack and want to kick myself.

I finally got enough will power to wait and ended up getting this beautiful royal blue asymmetrical dress on sale! It also comes in some other gorgeous colors. On the website it’s on sale for $49.99 but at the store it was $19.99! I’m not sure why, maybe there was some defect but I sure didn’t notice anything.  It was originally around $60. I got quite a steal there.

(First picture the lighting isn’t great so I posted another one of my mom and I before the wedding where you can see the color of the dress better).

I wore it to my cousins wedding and felt oh so pretty. It’s comfortable to dance the night away in and flowy enough where you don’t have to worry about the extra slice of cake you had at the wedding.

The necklace I’m wearing (from Express) has been one of my favorite jewelry pieces ever and has really gotten a lot of wear. It’s so versatile. I love that the necklace and shoes gave the flirty blue dress w momfeminine dress a bit of edge.

The shoes are from Target several years ago. I remember when I purchased them thinking they were kind of weird and not in style at the time. I just had this urge to get them but never wore them very often. Now these shoes are very in and I was so happy to have already had them from so many years ago and get some use out of them! I guess I was predicting a fashion trend very early on! Now I plan to wear them often. They can be worn to put an edgy spin on girly pieces or worn casually with jeans and a leather jacket.



Pinterest- the gateway drug

Aztec inspired sweaterI shall warn you all….Pinterest is a gateway drug  to shopaholism. Yes I already had signs of being a shopaholic very early on in life, but once I was introduced to Pinterest it was all down hill from there. I not only live in a very fashion forward city where I see new trends all the time, but I am addicted to Pinterest, where trends are brought to my attention and then thrown in my face over and over and over again telling me “YOU NEED THIS IN ORDER TO LIVE A HAPPY LIFE”.

Now, I’m all about being a trend SETTER, not always a follower, but in my opinion personal STYLE is more of an expression of yourself than whether or not you follow or set trends. It’s how you wear current trends, how you put outfits together that is the art of it all.

I’m sure many of you can relate with me on being PINspired to go shopping (see what I did there?). The main problem is most of us just don’t have endless amounts of money to go out and buy everything we see on Pinterest.

Here are the things that I consider so as not to go out and buy every single new trend:

1. Is it practical? Something you could wear with many different outfits, a neutral color, not too dressy (for those of us who aren’t getting dressed for cocktail parties on a daily basis), comfortable, something you’d want to wear every day, something that would be flattering on you…

2. Is it something you could foresee as still being fashionable in years to come? A classic staple. Not overly trendy.

3. Can you stop thinking about it? If you see a trend and find yourself noticing every other person who has it and being extremely envious of them and lay awake at night lusting after it, just do yourself a favor… get it! You can have it too ya know! As long as you’re selective with the things you want to splurge on, it’s ok!

4. Can you find something similar to it for cheaper than what’s shown on Pinterest? brown combat boots w outfitDon’t just click on the Pinterest link and buy it for hundreds of dollars. Take your time to look around and see if you can find similar trends at cheaper stores. The trend isn’t going anywhere for a while, just relax and wait until you see the best deal. (This has always been the most difficult feat for me. When I want something I want it NOW).

So– following all these rules, there were two trends I went for in the past few weeks.

A. Combat boots

B. Aztec print sweater

I’ve always been a fan of both boots and chunky sweaters in fall/winter time, but I LOVE the aztec print I’m seeing around. Also can’t get enough of combat boots. I just think they can look cute with so many different things, even with dresses or skirts and tights.

In the first picture shown, I am wearing an open front aztec print sweater from Urban Outfitters (can be purchased here). I will admit they have these everywhere and very similar styles at places like Forever 21 where you can get them even cheaper than I did (similar look).

I DID do a good job though on bargain shopping for these combat boots shown in the second two pictures. A place called Lexy Couture in the Burbank Town Center mall is just full of crazy cheap trendy shoes. Not only do these look like they could be expensive leather boots, but they’re super comfortable as well. It was buy one get one half off, so I also got a pair of black combat boots as combat boots brownwell. Two pairs of combat boots for 50 bucks! Gotta give myself a pat on the back for that one. (Shown with oversized navy knit sweater from Gap, Jeans from Urban Outfitters, Necklace from J.Crew)

What are the trends you can’t get enough of this fall season?