Pinterest Recreations

pinterest recreation1For those of us with an abundance of lost items in our wardrobe, those of us that are looking through tons of clothes still frustrated that we have “nothing to wear”, we need some guidance (and it’s not guidance to the closest mall).

I’ve run into this scenario frequently: I’m flipping through a fashion magazine and see a girl wearing a super cute outfit and for a moment I lust after it. But then I ┬ástop and look at each item she’s wearing individually and realize I already have something similar to each item. The only thing I didn’t have was the idea to put all of them together like that. Now that Pinterest exists, I can do that whenever I want for free. It’s a great way to keep yourself from having the urge to blow money on more clothes that will sit in your closet with no particular purpose.

For example: you really want to wear your adorable and flattering black blazer but you never know what else to wear it with other than a white t-shirt and jeans and it’s getting really old and lacking creativity. Search “black blazer” on Pinterest and see how other people accessorized a black blazer. You most likely can re-create what others have done to some extent out of items from your closet… or put your own spin on it, which I always encourage!

Even coming from a fashion blogger, I sometimes need some visual stimulation (i.e. magazine, pinterest) to give me ideas to put together more creative outfits. Some people are bold and brave trend-setters, but most of us love fashion, have our own sense of style but just need a little inspiration on how to pair things together. Nothing wrong with it! Fashion itself is inspired and reinvented from past fashions.

Now get on Pinterest and realize the potential of your [what you thought to be] old and washed up over stuffed wardrobe and stop buying more stuff!

I came across this pin on Pinterest and realized I have all the items to make this cute outfit! The skirt I hadn’t worn in years actually. So I’m glad I was inspired to bust it out again. I felt very Zoey Deschanel.