Ashley’s Birthday Dress

ashleys dressIntroducing Ashley! She is the face and genius behind the whole design of my blog (also the photographer behind my “about me” pics!). When she invited me to go to dinner with a bunch of people for her birthday, I knew it was the perfect occasion to get dolled up and take pics for my blog. I was more excited though for what the birthday girl would have in store.

She mentioned how excited she was about the dress she purchased on (awesome website by the way!). Like a true fashionista, she arrived fashionably (no pun intended) late to her own party looking MARVELOUS. This dress is one of a kind and looked so great on her. Everyone was obsessed. My first thought was that I had to put pics of it on my blog. It inspired me to start this “Looks I Love” category to feature the looks of my friends that I envy, admire and am inspired by. Check out the review Ashley wrote about the dress to see for yourself just how she feels about this lovely piece.