Just Your Average Saturday




Top: Forever 21 | Pants: J.Crew | Bag: Urban Outfitters | Sandals: American Eagle

I’m not here to talk about what I wore to Coachella although I secretly wish I was. I’m just here to talk about what I wore on a normal Saturday spent in Studio City, CA, going out to eat and running errands. When it comes to every day style, I’m all about comfort, flattery and simple chic looks. I’m really into being able to throw on a light, airy, pseudo crop top and then getting creative with what bottoms to pair it with, whether it be jeans, shorts or these drawstring pants pictured here.

I’ve also noticed I’ve been adding many shades of blue as I build my wardrobe. It seems to have become a staple neutral for me. I added a colorful bag with this outfit because I felt it complimented the shirt quite well. I also like incorporating pops of color into my otherwise neutral outfits. To top it off, a pair of white strappy sandals and I’m ready to face my… rather uneventful day. A good outfit can definitely put an extra pep in your step even if you have nothing to get ready for or no one to impress. Do it for yourself. And be creative with pieces that you feel comfortable in. While I love the idea of other bloggers or fashion icons inspiring you (it’s where I am always getting inspiration from) don’t feel you have to jump on board with every single trend or completely copy anyone else’s style. There are many trends out there that I feel as a fashion blogger, I am supposed to get on board with, but it’s just not me. I like to “stay in vogue” as I say, but am careful not to lose sight of what I truly want to wear, not what I think I’m supposed to wear.

A lot of the pieces in this post are many years old, but it’s working in 2015 when put together correctly. Try taking another look at your closet in a new light before feeling defeated and wishing you could go on a shopping spree. Lastly, remember that confidence is everything!


It’s a Party in the USA

redwhiteblueI fought with myself on making the title of this post a Miley Cyrus song lyric, but it is what it is, ok? Leave me alone, I do what I want… like Miley Cyrus. But whatever… that beef we have is done with.

Today I’m celebrating America in all red white and blue. I love being festive for the holidays. I used to feel the need to go shopping for a new festive outfit for every Fourth of July. I was borderline obsessive about getting the perfect outfit. Now that I’m a mature, level-headed adult (yeah I’m pushin’ it), I realized it’s not about the outfit, it’s about our country. Just kidding, I realized that I have plenty to work with in my closet already!

I bought this skirt in 2007 at Forever 21. When I bought it, it was ahead of it’s time, but I’m glad I’ve held on to it as it’s still stylish today! I paired it with a red tank and some festive jewelry. Simple as that!

Everyone have a happy and safe Fourth of July weekend! And from a full blown hypochondriac, remember to wear sun screen!


Tank: J.Crew

Skirt: Forever 21

Shoes: Target

Bracelet: Target

Necklace: Urban Outfitters




U.O Pro

blue high low dressIf you ever see a really beautiful dress at Urban Outfitters but it’s out of your budget, don’t fret. In my experience, every single formal type dress I have purchased at Urban Outfitter’s has gone on Sale a few months later for half the price.  Always wait! I never do and whenever I go there, I see all my dresses on the sale rack and want to kick myself.

I finally got enough will power to wait and ended up getting this beautiful royal blue asymmetrical dress on sale! It also comes in some other gorgeous colors. On the website it’s on sale for $49.99 but at the store it was $19.99! I’m not sure why, maybe there was some defect but I sure didn’t notice anything.  It was originally around $60. I got quite a steal there.

(First picture the lighting isn’t great so I posted another one of my mom and I before the wedding where you can see the color of the dress better).

I wore it to my cousins wedding and felt oh so pretty. It’s comfortable to dance the night away in and flowy enough where you don’t have to worry about the extra slice of cake you had at the wedding.

The necklace I’m wearing (from Express) has been one of my favorite jewelry pieces ever and has really gotten a lot of wear. It’s so versatile. I love that the necklace and shoes gave the flirty blue dress w momfeminine dress a bit of edge.

The shoes are from Target several years ago. I remember when I purchased them thinking they were kind of weird and not in style at the time. I just had this urge to get them but never wore them very often. Now these shoes are very in and I was so happy to have already had them from so many years ago and get some use out of them! I guess I was predicting a fashion trend very early on! Now I plan to wear them often. They can be worn to put an edgy spin on girly pieces or worn casually with jeans and a leather jacket.



The Powers of Target

high-low-dress-targetNEW  Some girlfriends and I were running errands together and I just had to “run into Target real quick” (as if that’s even possible!!) to return something. We all went our separate ways, rendezvoused 5 minutes later all holding at least 5 clothing items in our hands. What was meant to be a quick stop turned into all of us in the dressing room for an hour. That’s what Target will do to you. It’s a magical and evil place.

I proudly only left having bought 2 items. Great finds though! I ventured into the picked over, unorganized clearance section which one must have great patience and persistence to sift through to find anything good (which I never do), but the heavens shined upon me and brought me right to this first dress pictured.

It’s a high-low, strapless dress with an adorable black and white pattern and royal blue accents at the top. Love those colors together! I’ve gotten many compliments on it already. Here’s the best part, it was only 14 bucks! (It also comes with straps separately for those of you blessed with a chest that requires mchevron-a-line-targetNEWore support).

Then unfortunately not in the clearance section (but still only 24 bucks!) I found this cotton stretch chevron a-line dress. I have several other dresses of this shape and material because I find them comfy yet dressy and flattering but what made me decide I had to get this one was the unique cut out at the neckline. So cute!

Next time I have to run into Target real quick I will make a beeline to the section I need to go to and look. straight. ahead. If you even glance towards the clothes section, well there’s no telling when you’ll get back home.

Stay in vogue!