Just Your Average Saturday




Top: Forever 21 | Pants: J.Crew | Bag: Urban Outfitters | Sandals: American Eagle

I’m not here to talk about what I wore to Coachella although I secretly wish I was. I’m just here to talk about what I wore on a normal Saturday spent in Studio City, CA, going out to eat and running errands. When it comes to every day style, I’m all about comfort, flattery and simple chic looks. I’m really into being able to throw on a light, airy, pseudo crop top and then getting creative with what bottoms to pair it with, whether it be jeans, shorts or these drawstring pants pictured here.

I’ve also noticed I’ve been adding many shades of blue as I build my wardrobe. It seems to have become a staple neutral for me. I added a colorful bag with this outfit because I felt it complimented the shirt quite well. I also like incorporating pops of color into my otherwise neutral outfits. To top it off, a pair of white strappy sandals and I’m ready to face my… rather uneventful day. A good outfit can definitely put an extra pep in your step even if you have nothing to get ready for or no one to impress. Do it for yourself. And be creative with pieces that you feel comfortable in. While I love the idea of other bloggers or fashion icons inspiring you (it’s where I am always getting inspiration from) don’t feel you have to jump on board with every single trend or completely copy anyone else’s style. There are many trends out there that I feel as a fashion blogger, I am supposed to get on board with, but it’s just not me. I like to “stay in vogue” as I say, but am careful not to lose sight of what I truly want to wear, not what I think I’m supposed to wear.

A lot of the pieces in this post are many years old, but it’s working in 2015 when put together correctly. Try taking another look at your closet in a new light before feeling defeated and wishing you could go on a shopping spree. Lastly, remember that confidence is everything!


We’re not in Burbank anymore Toto…and it’s time to step up my fashion game


I just moved from Burbank to Studio City and it’s a whole new world. It’s a younger, hipper crowd here and it’s greatly awakening my fashion senses. I go to Trader Joe’s and feel like I’m surrounded by people who stepped out of an Urban Outfitters catalog. It has inspired me to get back into my boho chic vibe.

Another great thing about moving is having an excuse to purge half my wardrobe. This usually is no easy feat for me, I’m a bit of a closet hoarder. I know how trends can come back and then I regret getting rid of those clogs or that romper that made a comeback. But I had things in my closet that I hadn’t worn since early college (man saying that makes me feel old) and it was just time for them to go. The great thing about this though is that it brings out clothes that you completely forgot about. My closet was so overwhelming that some quality items were getting lost in there. I found so many gems, it was like going shopping. I suggest anyone who has an overgrown wardrobe does this before feeling the need to go buy more.

I wore this outfit to a free Wailers (you know, from Bob Marley and the Wailers) concert downtown LA. The drape vest is an example of one of those things I found in my closet that I forgot about. The pants are amazing too. Super affordable (Target!), very in right now and they feel like pajamas! I felt very laid back yet still put together, because let’s be real, I’m no true hippie. I had a great night though and I must say I prefer this outfit to a dress and heels any day.


Pants: Target

Tank: Target

Drape vest: Marshall’s

Shoes: Bakers