Just Your Average Saturday




Top: Forever 21 | Pants: J.Crew | Bag: Urban Outfitters | Sandals: American Eagle

I’m not here to talk about what I wore to Coachella although I secretly wish I was. I’m just here to talk about what I wore on a normal Saturday spent in Studio City, CA, going out to eat and running errands. When it comes to every day style, I’m all about comfort, flattery and simple chic looks. I’m really into being able to throw on a light, airy, pseudo crop top and then getting creative with what bottoms to pair it with, whether it be jeans, shorts or these drawstring pants pictured here.

I’ve also noticed I’ve been adding many shades of blue as I build my wardrobe. It seems to have become a staple neutral for me. I added a colorful bag with this outfit because I felt it complimented the shirt quite well. I also like incorporating pops of color into my otherwise neutral outfits. To top it off, a pair of white strappy sandals and I’m ready to face my… rather uneventful day. A good outfit can definitely put an extra pep in your step even if you have nothing to get ready for or no one to impress. Do it for yourself. And be creative with pieces that you feel comfortable in. While I love the idea of other bloggers or fashion icons inspiring you (it’s where I am always getting inspiration from) don’t feel you have to jump on board with every single trend or completely copy anyone else’s style. There are many trends out there that I feel as a fashion blogger, I am supposed to get on board with, but it’s just not me. I like to “stay in vogue” as I say, but am careful not to lose sight of what I truly want to wear, not what I think I’m supposed to wear.

A lot of the pieces in this post are many years old, but it’s working in 2015 when put together correctly. Try taking another look at your closet in a new light before feeling defeated and wishing you could go on a shopping spree. Lastly, remember that confidence is everything!


The Dressed Up Sweatpant


| Pants: Mine | Boots: Ziara | Jacket: Xhiliration | Top: The Gap | Bag: Melie Bianco |

 | Necklace: Bauble Bar |

I’m taking full advantage of this dressy sweatpants trend I’ve been seeing around LA. The perfect mix of put-together yet entirely effortless and comfortable is something I can always get behind. The leather stripe down the side of these fitted sweatpants subtly tell you, “yes I may be sweatpants, but I’m not sloppy, I’m chic!”… and I think the many compliments I got on these pants spoke to that point. Pairing them with leather black booties, a fitted black top, statement necklace and gray leather jacket made sure to further prove this to be a polished look and not pajamas (but they sure feel like it!).

There are many ways to wear dressy sweatpants and I plan to get myself another pair! I included my own look as well as some looks from Pinterest that inspired me. I recommend going out and getting your own pair…or better yet, repurpose a pair you already have by pairing them with some heels and owning this cozy winter trend!





We’re not in Burbank anymore Toto…and it’s time to step up my fashion game


I just moved from Burbank to Studio City and it’s a whole new world. It’s a younger, hipper crowd here and it’s greatly awakening my fashion senses. I go to Trader Joe’s and feel like I’m surrounded by people who stepped out of an Urban Outfitters catalog. It has inspired me to get back into my boho chic vibe.

Another great thing about moving is having an excuse to purge half my wardrobe. This usually is no easy feat for me, I’m a bit of a closet hoarder. I know how trends can come back and then I regret getting rid of those clogs or that romper that made a comeback. But I had things in my closet that I hadn’t worn since early college (man saying that makes me feel old) and it was just time for them to go. The great thing about this though is that it brings out clothes that you completely forgot about. My closet was so overwhelming that some quality items were getting lost in there. I found so many gems, it was like going shopping. I suggest anyone who has an overgrown wardrobe does this before feeling the need to go buy more.

I wore this outfit to a free Wailers (you know, from Bob Marley and the Wailers) concert downtown LA. The drape vest is an example of one of those things I found in my closet that I forgot about. The pants are amazing too. Super affordable (Target!), very in right now and they feel like pajamas! I felt very laid back yet still put together, because let’s be real, I’m no true hippie. I had a great night though and I must say I prefer this outfit to a dress and heels any day.


Pants: Target

Tank: Target

Drape vest: Marshall’s

Shoes: Bakers

Look of the week- Brown, Black, Navy and… Seafoam Green!? It can be done people.

It’s almost Christmas and that means low 60’s in LA… BRR! Just kidding…I’m from Michigan. This is awesome.


But that doesn’t mean I don’t still rock winter fashion. It’s still pretty chilly at night and a sweater, peacoat and boots is completely reasonable to wear. Thank god for that because if it was too warm to wear fall/winter clothes here I would feel so unfulfilled fashion wise! Comfy sweaters and cute boots are what I  live for!


Last night I went to The Grove (awesome huge outdoor mall in LA) with my boyfriend to walk around and soak up the Christmas atmosphere there. It’s beautiful. Huge Christmas tree, Santa, lights everywhere… but I must admit, the moment we walked into Nordstrom was when I really felt all warm and fuzzy inside. ….What? I’m Jewish anyways!


Then we saw American Hustle and if this were a movie review blog I would go on and on about how amazing it was, but I’ll just say… see it!! SO good… and awesome fashion too 🙂


So, who says you can’t wear brown, black AND navy together? Not me! You totally can if you do it right. With this outfit I paired an oversized navy knit sweater with bright seafoam green jeans (lovely color combo) and THEN added accents of brown with my shoes and bag… or what I like to call “camel” more so than actual brown. I also wore a black peacoat over it and thought it all came together really well.


I particularly love these pants because I think the color can be appropriate all year round, winter summer spring or fall (in case you didn’t know all the seasons of the year?).


The last touch was the navy and gold statement necklace to lay over the navy sweater. It subtly pops (oxymoron yes, but it’s true). If you’re going to match the color of your necklace to your shirt make sure it has one other color in it even if it’s just silver or gold and that’s all you need to make it pop!

Happy Holidays everyone!


Sweater: Gap

Necklace: Francesca’s

Bag: J. Crew

Booties: Urban Outfitters

Jeans: Francesca’s

Coat: Anne Klein

The Powers of Target

high-low-dress-targetNEW  Some girlfriends and I were running errands together and I just had to “run into Target real quick” (as if that’s even possible!!) to return something. We all went our separate ways, rendezvoused 5 minutes later all holding at least 5 clothing items in our hands. What was meant to be a quick stop turned into all of us in the dressing room for an hour. That’s what Target will do to you. It’s a magical and evil place.

I proudly only left having bought 2 items. Great finds though! I ventured into the picked over, unorganized clearance section which one must have great patience and persistence to sift through to find anything good (which I never do), but the heavens shined upon me and brought me right to this first dress pictured.

It’s a high-low, strapless dress with an adorable black and white pattern and royal blue accents at the top. Love those colors together! I’ve gotten many compliments on it already. Here’s the best part, it was only 14 bucks! (It also comes with straps separately for those of you blessed with a chest that requires mchevron-a-line-targetNEWore support).

Then unfortunately not in the clearance section (but still only 24 bucks!) I found this cotton stretch chevron a-line dress. I have several other dresses of this shape and material because I find them comfy yet dressy and flattering but what made me decide I had to get this one was the unique cut out at the neckline. So cute!

Next time I have to run into Target real quick I will make a beeline to the section I need to go to and look. straight. ahead. If you even glance towards the clothes section, well there’s no telling when you’ll get back home.

Stay in vogue!


Melie Bianco- new favorite handbag

melie bianco bagMelie Bianco handbag– http://www.meliebianco.com/

I recently purchased this Melie Bianco handbag for a fraction of it’s worth at Burlington Coat Factory. Gotta love Burlington Coat Factory! The only problem is that the one I got didn’t have the lock and key hanging from it like you see in the picture. I imagine some antsy kid in the store waiting hours for their mom to choose a handbag decided to take them off and hide them in the hosiery section.

I guess that’s what you’re risking by shopping at Burlington Coat Factory and getting things for shockingly lower prices. I still absolutely love it though. I was in the market for a gray purse. I have handbags in beige, camel, black and tan already, gray was the only neutral I was missing! It matches with everything. I’m sure you will see it featured in many outfits to come.

The same bag is being sold right now on their website in some really great summer colors. This website has so many other amazing purses too and even at full price, they’re still quite reasonable, none exceeding $200 or so.

Anyways… I decided to write this hopeful letter to the websites customer service requesting the lock and key decor for the bag, only to get a letter back stating they cannot do this for me since I didn’t purchase it through them directly. Pff..after all my bribing, begging and flattery…I thought I may have had a chance. Oh well. It was worth a try (YOLO!) Still love their purses!

Stay in vogue!


Letter I wrote to Melie Bianco… this is me attempting to be persuasive:

Hi there! 

So this is a shot in the dark, but here’s my story: 

I purchased a Melie Bianco bag at Burlington Coat Factory in Burbank, CA. I had never heard of the brand before, but I fell in love with the bag the moment I saw it (and of course the fact that it was $100 but I was getting it for $40 at Burlington). But I am so obsessed with it that I decided to research the brand and naturally came to your website. I plan to purchase several more bags from the website directly, at full retail price, because there are so many great ones that I probably won’t find at a place like Burlington Coat Factory, not to mention I want to fully support this wonderful brand. 

As I’m browsing your handbags online, I came across the bag that I purchased at Burlington Coat Factory. It is the Elizabeth ML1018 (except mine is in the “bone” color). I then noticed to my dismay that the one I have from Burlington had the adorable lock and key taken off of it! I feel this touch really adds to the character of the bag and now I’m so disappointed that mine doesn’t have it. What are the chances you guys would be able send me the lock and key in the bone color so I can add them to my bag? I would be willing to pay however much you think is fair for these essential accessories. 

I know this is probably such a strange request but I figure it’s absolutely worth a try! Thank you SO much for taking the time to hear me out and please let me know one way or the other as soon as you’re able to respond. If you were able to do this for me I would be thrilled and be even more in love with Melie Bianco than I already am! Also, either way, I’ll be sure to introduce you guys to all of my purse loving friends, because I don’t think enough people are aware of these amazing handbags!

Thanks again and I look forward to hearing back from a member of the Melie Bianco team. 

Future Melie Bianco handbag addict, 

Hayley Arkovitz

American Eagle…who knew!?


Top: American Eagle, Shorts: Urban Outfitters, Purse: J. Crew, Necklace: J. Crew

So when I think of American Eagle for some reason I imagine graphic t’s and hoodies that say “American Eagle” in big cursive letters across the front. But–during one of my shopaholic binges I decided to go in there due to an absurd amount of signage announcing 40-50% off everything in the store. It was one of those days where I was feeling kind of blah and I knew if I bought a cute new outfit I’d feel much better.

Before deciding to go into American Eagle, I wasn’t really finding anything I was in love with nor do I have endless money to spend, but I was just so desperate to leave the mall feeling excited! To me that means not leaving empty handed. Empty wallet…eh I’ll survive…but no new piece of clothing…I’ll just still feel blah and like I wasted a bunch of time at the mall. In the words of Carrie Bradshaw in Sex in the City… “I like my money right where I can see it, hanging in my closet.”

SO– I actually found some really cute things in there and I think my mind has opened back up to American Eagle since middle school. I purchased 3 items (a top, shorts and a bracelet) all for only $40! It was almost a too-good-to-be-true sale. It wasn’t just on all the things that are picked over and out of season, but actually on front-of-the-store, newer and in season items.

I got this awesome neon yellow/green casual peplum t-shirt–it’s got the sporty mesh vibe as well. I wore it to my boyfriend’s family barbecue with jean shorts, a royal blue J. Crew bubble necklace and matching cross-body purse (also J. Crew). A pattern you will notice is that I will definitely buy a lot of trendy clothes from cheaper stores but when it comes to accessories (especially purses) and staple items (like jackets) I will splurge. The reason for this is, these things won’t go out of style as quickly, you wear them more often and they should be quality to last you longer.

Anywho… I thought this was the perfect summery/casual yet eye catching and stylish outfit for a barbecue. I also love the neon and royal blue color blocking. I’ll post a pic soon of the shorts I got at AE too, they are also amazing and colorful. 🙂

Stay in vogue!